Tarac Trail

“That was rude.” Jared said after all the goodbyes and hugs were passed around and Jared’s friends went their separate ways.  Sky and Jared were waiting for Patrick to bring Sky’s Mini Cooper up from the Valet lot and Jared was fuming.

“What was rude?” Sky scanned her eyes up and down Alameda.


Sky responded incredulously “Me?”

“Yes.  You.” Jared answered as Patrick parked the Mini Cooper at the curb in front of them. Patrick had put the top down and turned on a classic rock radio station.  It was the perfect night for a ride in a convertible. That was a nice touch. But it was a wasted effort.  Jared wasn’t in the mood anymore.

Jared walked around the drivers side along with Sky and took the keys from Patrick. “I’m driving.” he ordered and Sky protested but then relented quickly when she realized Jared wasn’t about to back down.  She did have three shots and a whiskey-diet sloshing around inside her along with the Okonomiyaki after all.  

Jared tipped Patrick well and slid in the driver’s seat.  He adjusted the mirrors and the seat and shut off the radio.  Sky went around to her side and sulked her way in to the passenger seat.

They both fastened their safety belts and Jared drove them down Alameda in silence.  It was awkward and tense.  Sky leaned over to switch the radio back on and Jared grabbed her wrist tightly.  “No.” he said sternly.

“Are you kidding me?” Sky asked as she looked at him with one hand on the wheel, the other firmly clutching her wrist.  Her hand was quickly going numb.  “Fine.” she said and he released her wrist.

“You were very rude tonight.” he said again as he merged in to traffic on the 101.

Sky rolled down her window to drown out the sounds of his voice. “So?”

Jared rolled it back up and pressed the child lock.  “What do you mean ‘so’?”

Sky pressed the window control a few more times and then whined “I told you I didn’t want to meet anyone yet.”

“But you went.  That means you act right all night.  You embarrassed me.”  Jared slipped the convertible in between a Caddy and an Audi and crossed over the highway to the exit at Vermont Ave.

“Oh please.” Sky snarked.  Then “Where are we going?”

 “You think this is funny?”

Jared wound the Mini-Cooper up the hills behind Whitley Heights and Sky rolled her eyes thinking he was taking her to look-out-point.  “Your friends are a bunch of pretentious assholes.”  she announced.

“And you’re a cunt.”  Jared declared as he pulled the car off at Tarac Trail.

“Oh-ho-ho.” Sky sniveled.

“I’m not laughing.” Jared said as he put the car in park and shut it off.

“Where are we?” Sky asked as she looked around the deserted and dark trail.

“Look out point.” Jared chided.

“Funny.  Take me home.”

“No. Not until you say you’re sorry.”

“For what? You called me a cunt!”


“And take me home!”

“Take yourself home.” Jared said and he tossed her keys out the window into the dark brush and climbed out of the car. Sky jumped out of the car and scrambled over to where she thought the keys would have landed and searched in the dirt.

Jared walked down the trail in the dark and a few minutes later Sky shuffled after him.

“I can’t find the keys.” she announced.

“Not my problem.”

“Help me find the keys Jared!”


“I’m sorry.” she said too quickly.

“That’s not sincere.”

“I’m sooooorrrreeee.”

Jared turned around quickly and grabbed Sky by both elbows. “Like you mean it.” he said as he tightened his grip on her.  Sky’s feet lifted off the ground ever so slightly.  He was in control of her for a moment but only because he towered over her like a Falcon on a worm.  Sky’s balls were larger than her frame.  She looked in his eyes defiantly.  He stared back in to her soul.

She didn’t break the stare before saying  “Fuck you dude.  I’d rather walk.”

“Suit yourself.” he said and he released her.  He started to make his way down the darkened trail again and she came running after him, grabbing his sleeve and whining.

“We can’t just leave my car here!”

“We…” Jared snorted.


Jared stopped walking and turned again.  Sky was standing there.  The half-moon casting an amber glow on the pathway behind her.  She looked worried and frazzled and a bit drunk.

“I’m sorry.” she said.  “What can I do?  Too much to drink.” she blamed the alcohol and turned on her charm “But I am sorry.  Let me make it up to you?” she sauntered up to him and put her hands on his hips.  “You forgive me?” she asked as she batted her big black eyes.

“How do I know you mean it?”  he asked.

Sky slipped her fingertips inside Jared’s waist band and ran her pointer finger along the skin beneath his belt line. “I could…show you….how sorry I am.” she said as she cupped his package over his dark jeans with her other hand.

“Get off me.” Jared swatted her hand away.

Sky regrouped.  “Please just help me find my keys.  We can end this tonight but don’t leave me here, ok?”  Sky pushed a few tears out of her eyes left over from her Improv classes and Jared snorted.

“You forget I have an Oscar.” he sniffed.

“Fine.  Fuck you.  Go!” she shouted and she pushed him with all of her might.  He pushed her back ever so slightly  “Are you for real?”

“Here’s your fucking keys.”  Jared said dryly as he slipped them out of his pants pocket.

“Oh my god.  Why did you do that?” she asked as she tried to snatch the keys from his hand.

He held them a little bit out of her reach and responded  “Someone needs to teach you how to behave.”

“There are other ways to teach me a lesson than this Jared.  That was mean.”

“Oh?  What ‘other ways’?” he asked as they both walked back up to the Mini Cooper.

Sky looked around then grumbled “You could …spank me…for example.”

“Spank you?”

“You know.  Like a swat…on the butt.”

“Bare skin?”

“Bare skin.”

“You want me to spank you?”

“I want you to take me home.” Sky said “But if I’ve been bad…maybe I need to be punished first?” she slid up closer to him and put her hands back on his hips.  He looked down on her and thought about how much he’d like to teach her that lesson.  But she was too eager.  Too willing to take a paddling.  He thought of something else but then shook it off.  Too much.  Too soon.  And he really did think she was a cunt.

They got back to the Mini Cooper and Sky held out her hand for the keys. “I’m ok to drive now.” she said and thrust her hand in his face, palm out so he could place the keys inside her hand.

“How bad do you want these keys?”

“Give me them.”


“Give me them…please?”

“Doesn’t sound like you really want them to me.” Jared said and he jingled them above her head once again.

“Give me…my goddamn keys.  Please.”

“Beg for them.”

“Please?” she said softly.  “Pretty…please?”

“I’m not convinced.”

“This is going to go on all night isn’t it?”


“Until you get your way?”


Sky put her hands up to Jared and demanded “Pick me up.”


Sky shimmied out of her panties and handed him the lacy thong before making her request again “Pick me up you fucking asshole!”

Jared sniffed her panties.  Smelled like incense and nonsense.

Jared ran his hand up the outside of Sky’s silky thigh and across the underside of her bare ass cheek; her knit dressed bunched up in the crease of his elbow.  “Why should I do what you want me to do when you haven’t listened to me all night?”

“Because you want what I’ve got.”

“I could get what you’ve got on the hour every hour.  Try again.”

“Because…uh…”  Sky put her mouth on Jared’s and peppered his top lip with teeny kisses.

Jared picked up a speechless Sky and pinned her to the back of the Mini Cooper while she sucked on his bottom lip.  He ground his hips in to center and his belt buckle rubbed against her tender parts.

“I really do like you.” she said quietly “It’s just … I don’t share very well.”

Jared sighed when Sky’s hands slid beneath her to find his belt buckle.  He helped her undo his pants and let them fall to his knees.  His cock lazily rose to greet her and she smiled knowing she had some work cut out for her.

“You can spank me if you want.” she said.  Jared had a different idea.  He walked them both over to the front of the Mini Cooper and slammed Sky down on the hood.  He took both of her wrists in his hands and pinned her arms above her head.  She was so tiny he was able to hold both wrists in one of his enormous hands and with his free hand he pulled up her dress so he could bite her tits.  He chewed on her shoulder.  Nibbled her nipples.  Left hickies on her stomach then he was ready to enter her.  With her dress up around her neck and both breasts exposed to the night Jared pulled Sky down on the hood so he could shove his dick deep inside her.  Jared pounded his cock in to Sky’s pussy again and again and she loved it.  She shouted his name and howled through the night.

“You’ve been such a bad girl.” he said over and over as he thrust in to her tiny cunt.

“I’m bad.” she agreed as she moaned from the pain tinged pleasure he was delivering with each slam in to her.

“You’re a rude girl.”


“A cunt.”

“A dirty cunt.”

Jared clamped his free hand across her mouth.

“Shut up.” He said as he held her mouth shut tight.

After a few more pumps, Jared slid Sky off the hood, turned her around and ordered her back on the hood facing the opposite direction so she would be kneeling in front of him.  She obliged and smirked over her shoulder at him as she wiggled her ass back and forth.  She was at the perfect height for him now.  Creamy white ass high in the air.  Boots on.  Dressed pushed up towards her shoulders.

“Don’t scratch my car!” She warned and Jared clamped his hand back over her mouth.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”

Sky licked the inside of Jared’s palm while it covered her mouth.

Jared slid his cock back inside of Sky’s itty bitty pussy, spit on his free hand let one of his fingers find then prepare her asshole.  He slid a spit covered finger in and out of her.  She gasped “ow ow ow” at first then leaned in to him as his finger plunged deeper.  She was moaning or mumbling something but he kept his hand over her mouth.  He didn’t want to hear what she was blabbering about but he was enjoying the wetness she kept depositing on his dick.  Once satisfied that her ass was primed he pulled out of her cunt and pushed himself inside her little asshole with one giant thrust, the juices from her pussy lubricating his entry.

Jared’s hand slid off her mouth as he got lost in the spongy feeling of Sky’s tight insides as it grasped hold of his cock.  He placed a hand on each hip bone and rocked her back and forth, up and down his shaft.  Within a few moments she took over and satisfied herself with a steady rhythm. Backing herself up on his shaft, rocking forward to release him.  She liked his dickhead popping out and slipping back in.  She moaned and took all of him over and over deep in to her asshole.  Down in the depths of her bowels.

Jared’s eyes were shut tight and the moon was on his back and the Mini Cooper rocked and before he knew it he pulled out of her.  Pushed her down off the hood of the car so she was on her knees in the dirt.  He wanted to finish in her mouth.

“Open.”  He demanded and she did and he covered her face and her lips and especially her tongue with three glorious spurts of thick cum.

Eventually he mumbled “You’re forgiven.” and handed Sky some napkins from her glove compartment.

“So can we go home now?” Sky asked.

“Yeah.” he said  “Where are the keys?”

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