Tonight (Ihatepoetry*)

I can’t get this image out of my mind.  Of you with your hands around her throat.  Your lips by her earlobe.  Your saliva on her neck.  I can’t stop imaging every thrust.  Each pinch and every kiss.  It’s torturous and marvelous and incestuous.  These images of you.  You and her.  The two of you in an embrace I only dream about.  I can’t stop wondering what it’s like. What…you’re…like.  Because I’ve gone off my medication and you’ve gone off with her.

When will you return?  Will…you….return?  Back to the chair you used to occupy in the world where I remain.  When will you come back home.  To my bosom.  My womb.  You were getting comfortable here.  Inside the trap I laid for you.

The measure between breaths.  Notes.  Musical.  Mystical.  Mine.

Come home.  Be inside… here…. again.  For a measurable moment.  A sigh.

I know. I know. I’m that pebble on the pathway. Rolling down the embankment while up on a hillside.  Lights down below.

Be my tomorrow.

Sit inside my sigh and remember my name.  Call it out from your lust.

Be.  With.  Me.  Again.





*I apologize for all the poetry lately you guys.  I loathe it too but it’s all that he has inspired thats blog-able recently.  Seems like it hasn’t scared too many of you away (yet) so I hope you can stand it for a little while longer. 

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