Rescue Me

Gravity and Augusta Leto, twin daughters of two-time Academy Award Winner Jared Leto and his long-time companion, screenwriter Felicity Simon, were arrested in Hollywood on Tuesday on suspicion of aggravated arson.

The December 19th fire at Universal Studios, which investigators believe was intentionally set, resulted in one death and over $130 million in damages. Fire investigators say that evidence gathered at the scene suggests the inferno likely started on the famous Psycho movie set, built in 1960, and spread rapidly across the studio backlot due to exceptionally windy conditions.  One person died and four were critically injured in the blaze.

The Leto twins were taken in to custody without incident and booked at Central Juvenile Hall on Eastlake awaiting bond.  Jared Leto could not be reached for comment, however, Felicity Simon told our source “They couldn’t have done it. No way.” before a meeting at her lawyers’ offices.

Felicity closed her macbook, tossed her reading glasses on the kitchen counter, rested her forehead on the chilled marble and willed herself to cry.  A cry that was long overdue after a day spent projecting a brave face to the world as she went through the very public tasks one must complete when your child, rather your children, are arrested for a crime of this magnitude in a town this small.  However, sadly, Felicity’s tears eluded her.

She didn’t want to do it but Felicity had to be honest with herself, and only herself, right here and now during what will likely be the only private moment she’ll have in the next few days, weeks, months … however long it takes for this nightmare to run its course. If she couldn’t cry over it, she had to admit it. Accept it. She had to say it out loud:  The girls might actually be guilty.

It wasn’t very hard to do, if she’s being honest, to let her mind go there. It is what it is and there is a possibility. A capability present. The twins are no angels.  No strangers to community service and TMZ headlines.  This isn’t something they “couldn’t have done.”  They very well could have and probably did.  And there’s no way to get around that truth.

Felicity shook the shame away as it bubbled up inside her.  She didn’t make the girls this way.  She isn’t the one to shoulder the blame.  Not all by herself thats for sure.  This was a community effort.

It took a village to light the match that burnt down Universal.  And every single person in this town knows how long that fire has been smoldering.  Every one in this town is as guilty as her girls.  And Felicity would make sure no one forgot that.  She warned everyone, but no one ever listened. They never backed off.  They didn’t let them grow up. And now look what has happened.

The only thing surprising about all of this to Felicity is how long it took for the girls to hit rock bottom.  She’s been watching the inevitable crumble for years now.  And she was at a loss to do anything about it.  Until today.  She’ll take her family back now, you’ve done enough damage America.

Identical twin ticking time bombs: Gravity and Augusta Leto.

What a shame.

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