night night (ihatepoetry)

you’d think with night falling all around me that I’d draw the shutters and hide away…

but NOW is when i feel most alive. awakened. and unbroken.

this is my time.  me time.  night time.

HEAR the empty.  be the stillness.  own the quiet.

i am invisible so i am less vulnerable. Isn’t that right?

the shadows are my security. the darkness, my best friend.

THIS is just how it is right now.  not how it ought to be.

you are just who you are right now.  not who i need you to be.

it’s today.  tomorrow.  and yesterday.  inside the night.

and i’m a poet or a priestess or a goddess or just right

inside. outside.

up top. down below.

sunset to sunrise.

or something in between.




Lost in blue eyes until the sunrise …

i love you and i miss you

i want you and i need you

you’ve forgotten me and i’m lost now.

under the moon.  beneath the stars.

naked.  without words for you. i’m faking it.

Again.  And you’re not who i need you to be.

right now.

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