be my valentine (ihatepoetry)

im becoming the girl in the bed.
the one with too much time and
too much food on her hands.
i’m perpetually loafing.
soured dough.

house bound while you roam the world.
No dust under your feet.
You lucky shit.

Your star is getting brighter,
while my sheets get mustier
and dustier and crustier
and loose.

im jealous and inspired.
so thirsty. oh, so thirsty.
i need to drain you.

come home, my love,
leave your happiness by the roadside.
wallow with me.
in this lonely place.
become a lump beneath the duvet.
my pale skeleton.

miss the boat.
get off the plane.
come home.  now.
do it now.  now.
i need you. now.

before you sparkle too bright.
before you peak.
drink from my deflated
and emptied bosom.
shrivel up with me.
Lose your way.
Depress your senses.
Disappear with me.

Cheese balls and Netflix.  Dirty pits and missed phone calls.  Well baby checks and 5150.  The future awaits you. As do I.  With baited breath and all of my love.  Every last suffocating, life draining, inspiration waining kiss…You lucky shit.

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