The girl in the shower (5)

“You don’t recognize her, do you?”

“No.  Should I?”

“Pending an official identification, it looks like she’s Margaret Moore’s kid.”

“Margaret Moore!” Jared practically screamed.  “Margaret Moore?”


Margaret Moore is a public icon and an American treasure to say the very least. She has been a fixture in Hollywood since the early 60s when she won her first Oscar in a breakthrough performance as the young Adiya in an epic war pic called The Soldier’s Choice. She has starred in over 27 indisputably classic films and won an award for just about every role. But that’s just her day job.  Better known now, as a philanthropist with a reputation for not just giving but doing.  She has built schools, homes for the disabled, funded research, put children that weren’t her own through college, fostered entire families through-out her entire life.  You name it, she has done it, right here at home in the states.  She’s every presidential candidates favorite friend.  A photographers dream. A role model.  A mentor.  A godamn saint.

Her first born son is a senator, her other two lawyers. The child in the shower was her twilight baby.  She’s famous.  Her children are successful. Jared Leto is fucking toast.

“Do you know her?” the homicide detective asked again.

“No.  I mean I know who she is but I don’t know her at all.  I …we…we don’t run in the same circle. She’s so young.” Jared said.

“Any idea why she’s in your house then?”

“She must have came here with someone…to my party…last night.”

“You had a party last night?” he scribbled in his note pad.

Jared looked around at the party decorations still hanging from trees and wrapped around poles and towards the enormous and set-quality haunted house directly behind the detective and said “Yes.  I hosted a Halloween party here last night.  It ended around 3am with a visit by the LAPD for a noise violation and egress issues.”

“And the girl…you think she came with somebody?”

“I guess so?”

“I’m going to need your guest list.”

“I’m going to need to talk to my lawyer about that.” Jared said.

The detective gave Jared a nasty look.  “Go ahead and call him.  We’re gonna clear this place out … have him meet you downtown….Alright?”


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