Month: April 2016

Mirror (Ihatepoetry)

I saw a woman, as sad as me.  Sitting alone on a concrete half wall.  Her face was so heavy.  Her spine, so curved.  Her hair, frizzed and the color faded out.  She was so broken. Weighed down. So much like me.  Screaming at everyone around her with big blue eyes.  With sore eyes. Begging for a moment away from her thoughts, with unspoken words and gestures. So loud within her silence.  Deafening.  So very needy.  Lost.  With so much to offer.  Ruined.  So very much … there.  In her rawness.

All around her, the pain.  The loss.  Me.

She was naked yet I felt exposed.

I saw her.  She saw me.  And she read my silence.  And she felt my want. And our mirror.  Our shared mirror.  Our shattered mirror. Sat between us.  Right between all the things I didn’t do for her.  Reflecting all the things I never say.  I didn’t do anything.  And I can no longer wonder why.  My mirror. My sweet broken friend.  I heard you, I just….I don’t know what to say.  I don’t know how to fix you.  I can’t fix either of us.  You’re just as sad as me.