Rescue me (4)

Rescue Me

Rescue Me (2)

Rescue Me (3)

“What we’ve got here is a cry for help….” CNN.

“Their actions are indicative of an entire generation living without a moral code.  Coddled children…” MSNBC

“It’s an embodiment of society’s cultural decay.” FoxNews.

“Sometimes kids are just bad.” Dr. Eileen Hartnett, Today Show 

Jared switched the television off, tossed the remote on the sofa and sighed loudly.

“How about all of the fucking above?”

Laying across his desk were newspapers from around the world with headlines similar in nature to what the talking heads on the 24 hour news stations were saying.  Pictures of the charred studio lot and aerial videos of smoldering rubble accompanied the chatter about Gravity and Augusta Leto’s alleged crime.  It was sensational and likely going to be the biggest story of the decade.  Two rich kids, twins, with household names.  Faces that America loved.  Criminals.  $130 million in property damages.  One dead.  4 critically wounded. He still couldn’t fucking believe this was their life now.

Jared hadn’t been to the jail to see his girls yet.  On the advice of their legal team, the girls were remaining behind bars for the time being, at least until the dust settled a bit.  He didn’t like the idea of them being inside a lock up but he agreed it was probably the safest place for them right now.  He had faith in the lawyers and their advice even if it meant he wouldn’t see the twins for a while.  There is no way in hell he could bring himself to visit them behind bars.  He didn’t think he could handle it on top of everything else.  On the other hand, Felicity had been down to see them everyday.  There are some things a Mother can do that a Father cannot.  Visiting their twin daughters in jail is one of those things.  Jared didn’t beat himself up over it too much.  As long as Felicity went, they would know they were loved.

“Well, the good news is, there is absolutely no video after they jumped the fence.  None.  And we know they weren’t carrying anything with them when they jumped the fence.  So where did they supposedly get the gasoline?”  Felicity was talking in to her telephone, debating the merits of the case with someone when Jared peeked in her office.  Her back was to the door, she had no idea he stood there.  He listened for a moment more before turning away.

“Yes, but, they can’t prove that.”

Jared laced up his old black hiking sneaks and slipped out the back door of his house.  Their lot backed up quite nicely to a private drive that dipped in to a few lesser known canyon trails.  He figured the paps wouldn’t have come that far down the private drive and thusly he could sneak away unnoticed. Jared needed to work off some of his angst and a hike is the best form of anger management he could come up with given the limitations of his situation.  It sounded like, from Felicity’s phone call, the evidence might be weak against the girls, this knowledge propelled Jared forward on a nice long hike.

He got pretty far into a rocky trail before his phone started ringing.  With sweat beading on his forehead and the sun shining down on his shoulders he paused for a moment and checked the phone’s caller ID.  It was Shannon.  He hesitated, then sent the call to voicemail.  He couldn’t answer the call and lose his sense of peace.  He needed the salve the solitude of nature could provide for his wounds.  Another voice in his head would ruin the zen for sure.  He promised the air he’d call his brother back sometime later that evening and he kept on hiking. Up rockier terrain and through thicker underbrush.  He didn’t know where this barely traveled trail was leading him but it felt good beneath his feet.

When Jared got home later that night, calling Shannon back was the last thing on his mind. Showing on the big screen t.v., that hung high on a wall in the great room, was a salacious crime talk show hosted by Nancy Grace.  Felicity was standing in front of the t.v. in stunned silence.  Nancy Grace wasn’t running the same stock footage all the other news outlets were running, she was running CCTV footage of Jared’s girls pouring some liquid all over a set that was painfully familiar to Jared.  The set of his hit series written by none other than his wife Felicity.

“Where were the parents?” Nancy Grace was screaming.

Felicity started to moan.  The attack wasn’t fair and was definitely below the belt.  Felicity fell to her knees.  “There goes our careers.” she cried when she saw Jared standing behind her.

“Shit.” Jared mumbled.

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