Rescue me (8)

Back to the present, in a home just a few miles from the burnt-out rubble that once was the set of Jared and Felicity’s semi-autobiographical hit television series, and Felicity was dipping her toe inside a freshly drawn bath to test the temperature before sinking in to the decadently deep soaking tub.

A plush bleach white towel, reading glasses and a copy of Hidden Bodies lay next to the tub’s pedestal foot.  Candles flickered on the vanity counter and the soft smell of fresh linen filled the air around her.   Felicity was untying the belt from her plush bathrobe when Jared knocked softly on the door to her bathroom.

“It’s unlocked.” She whispered, her mind already on another planet.  Somewhere peaceful where a loud voice would be completely out of place.

She continued to disrobe as Jared entered the room.  He looked around and let a very slight smile take form on his lips.

“This looks heavenly.” He suggested.

Felicity smiled back.  “It’s exactly what the doctor ordered.” She held out her hand and invited him in to her space.  He took her hand and they fell in to a soft embrace.  Felicity’s bathrobe lay open, her bare belly peeked out between the folds of fabric.

“You look beautiful.” Jared sighed.  He slipped his hands inside Felicity’s robe and massaged her lower back softly before exploring the rest of her body slowly.  Felicity settled her arms high on Jared’s shoulders and leaned in to his touch.  So delicate yet strong.  The perfect pressure. Familiar and well rehearsed.  Her breath caught as he nibbled her neck.  Her bathrobe fell to the floor and soon he was disrobing himself.  He turned Felicity around so she was facing away from him, she knew what was coming next so she planted her hands on the edge of the tub to brace herself as Jared entered her from behind.

At first, he was reserved.  Savoring entering her with long strokes.  Deeply penetrating and body filling strokes.  She leaned in, taking him deep inside her and rocked to his beat. Delighting in the sensations shooting across her body as he pinched her right nipple and steadied his palm at the curve of her lower back.  They made love, at the edge of the bathtub. She came quietly.  Blissfully.

And all it once he changed his pace, hungry for her, ravishing, no time now to luxuriate, it was time to revel. Their skin slapped together and echoed inside the bathroom.  The water in the tub set to ripple.  Jared fucked Felicity like he was saying goodbye. She came once more. Each vigorous stroke erasing what they had built between them. Gone were the years of commitment. All those quiet nights. Vows never spoken.  They weren’t husband and wife. Or parents. They were lovers.  Strangers.  For the moment.  He a hunter, she his prey.  He devoured her.  Spent himself.  Her knees shook.  He spilled his seed.

Then it was over.

“Holy shit.” she exhaled.

That is what the doctor ordered.”  he teased breathlessly.  Still inside her as exhaled wildly.

Felicity swirled her trembling fingertips in the still warm water.
Jared politely backed out of her.

“Wanna take a bath?” she suggested.

“Mhmm.”  he agreed.

They settled in the tub like two spoons neat in a drawer.  The back of Felicity’s head nestled against Jared’s chest.  His lips peppering her wet shoulders.  They talked about nothing of importance, just held each other.  And that togetherness – returning to their bond – is exactly what they needed.


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