Month: July 2016

Rescue me (15)

Gravity could hear the three of them arguing downstairs. She couldn’t make out what was being said because Augusta’s music was on full blast but she could tell they were heated.  And probably rightfully so.

Everything was so fucked up and Gravity had no idea how to fix it.  She was a bit freaked out that she cared because before all this happened she didn’t think she did anymore.  But truth be told, she actually loved her parents.  Her life wasn’t so bad.  The money was nice.  People looked up to her for shit she didn’t even remember doing.  She had it easy.  They were good to her. Lu loved her.

What was she really so angry about any way?  Daddy travels a lot?  Mommy has an important job?  Gravity felt silly.  And stupid.  And guilty.  A guy died.  So she’s probably going to hell now.  Even if she didn’t mean it.  She still did it.  Maybe she should kill herself now. Or let that guy’s wife take her out. An eye for an eye or whatever.

Gravity picked up her cellphone then threw it back down.  She stared at it like it was a tarantula in the room.  Some gross frightening thing.  Then she snatched it up again and googled the phone number of the police detective that tried to interview her while she was in jail.  Her lawyer never let the conversation happen happen but Gravity felt like it’s time to come clean.  The only way to move on from this is to accept responsibility for what she and her sister had done.  She’ll take the fall for the both of them.  She’ll say she threatened Augusta or something.  She’ll accept the punishment and then maybe everyone can forget it ever even happened.

Lu decided there would be no better time than right now to do a deep spring clean of the house.  All the tension in the house was weighing on her and the best way to avoid any more strange kitchen counter conversations would be to keep very very busy.  She began in the upstairs guest rooms and worked her way from one side of the house to the other.  She cleaned vents, baseboards, behind toilets, under furniture, inside closets, dusted plants and bleached towels.  It was a very productive day.

She was careful in Jared’s office.  Staying clear of the piles of paper on his desk and books splayed out on the office couch.  She stuck to the baseboards and dusting the shelves.  ‘Just shaking up the dust mites’ she thought to herself.  But the closet in Jared’s office had a strange odor to it.  Almost foul.  She got on her knees and sniffed around the disorganized walk-in closet trying to find the source of the smell.  She found it but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  Jared’s old black boots.  The ones he wore undone…with the red laces.  Burnt to a crisp.  Wreaking of gasoline and fire.  Lu backed out of the closet fast…almost a reverse crab crawl.  And she bumped in to Jared who was standing in the doorway of his office.

“Whats wrong Lu?” he asked.

Lu was silent.


Rescue Me (14)

Everyone went their separate ways after they arrived home.  The twins practically ran upstairs to their own rooms to hide behind slammed doors.  Jared retreated to his office to hide behind paperwork.  Felicity stood in the front vestibule, incapable of much more than just that.  Her heart broken.  Her mouth dry.  Her eyes bloodshot.  She had finally come undone.  Listening to the sounds of her home, she wondered if anything would ever feel right again.  Someone flushed the toilet.  Someone else turned up music.  She just stood there. Stood there and stared at the staircase.  The filter on the temporary fish tank sitting on the floor in the front living room kicked on.  Lu must have forgotten to call the Pet Palace guy to come out and fix the big tank. The ordinary still demanded attention.  Even in the midst of a life upended.

Lu shuffled in to the vestibule with a glass of ice water.  Cucumber slices floating above the ice, just how Felicity likes it.  Felicity thanked her and drained the glass.  Lu rested a soft hand on Felicity’s back and directed her towards the kitchen.  The heart of the home and one of her favorite rooms.

“Sit.Sit.” Lu fussed.  Felicity flumped down on a bar stool and laid her head in her hands.

“It’s so bad.” she confessed to Lu. “I can’t even believe …”

“It’s going to be ok.” Lu promised. “No matter what happens, you will all be ok.”

“They’re going to go to prison.” Felicity cried.

“So they go ….  You have to take care of yourself right now.  You are a mess.”

“How can you say that?”

“Because this is life and it goes on Mama.”

Felicity gave Lu a cross look.  “You’re able to stay so calm because they aren’t your children.”

Now it was Lu’s turn to look cross.  The raising of the twins was just as much her job as it were Felicity’s.  Maybe more.  Felicity’s uterus gets extra credit but not her.  Especially not when the hype machine was at full grind.  They both knew that.  Felicity stirred the direction of the conversation away from a very unnecessary argument.

“If they were contrite about it” Felicity began “I might be able to deal better.  But Lu … Augusta actually rolled her eyes at me. Like I was upset about laundry.  I’m telling you – it’s like they don’t give a shit at all that a man died.”

“They might not.” Jared said as he entered the room.

Felicity’s eyes bulged.  Lu just looked at him quizzically.

“They’re not going to be able to equate what they did with what happened to that man.” he continued.

“You’re a psychiatrist now?” Felicity asked.

“No.” Jared said “But you’ve definitely watched enough Oprah to know that people can compartmentalize the hell out of tragedy.”

“Teenagers also lie.  Every time their fucking lips are moving!  I don’t think they were there.  There’s no way they would be acting like this if they were there.”


Jared threw his hands up in the air, closed his eyes and shook his head in frustration.

“I’m sorry Jared.” Lu confessed.

“I’m just talking….relax.  I need a reason for their behavior.  I need to know they’re not crazy!”

“We know they jumped a fence and broke in to our studio.  It’s on their freaking instagram. That in itself should show you that they are not innocent children that were at the right place at the wrong time.”  Jared reminded the two women.

“But maybe they didn’t act alone?” Felicity whispered.

Lu let everyone’s words hang in the air for a few minutes before adding “Or maybe they walked right in to someone else’s crime scene.”