Sarah LLoyd (4)

“They already stole my money.”

Sarah plopped down on a couch in the dayroom, right next to Gabriella, and grabbed a slice of cucumber off the paper plate in Gabriella’s lap. Gabriella shifted the plate away from Sarah playfully and laughed as some of her food tumbled to the floor.

Family Feud is on the television. The sun is almost set outside. Gabriella is eating what is left of her dinner and watching the game show all alone.  Sarah has no idea where the rest of the housemates are.  She doesn’t really care.  Her first day with these people isn’t going so well.

Gabriella shouted out an answer to Steve Harvey’s question then acknowledged Sarah’s dilemma. “Damn.” Gabriella laughed again  “They didn’t even wait 24 hours.”

“I guess I shouldn’t get too attached to any of my things …” Sarah said “They’ll be after my toothbrush next.”

“Naw, you don’t gotta worry about that.  It’s just money these people snatch.”

“Great.” Sarah lamented.  At least there’s a limit to what she’ll have to endure.

“Don’t sweat it too hard. You’re not really gonna need any money for anything for a while anyway.”

“I actually need money right now.” Sarah said sternly. “Any idea how I can snatch my money back?”

Gabriella gave Sarah a nasty look and scooted away from her just a bit.  Enough that it was noticeable. “Listen, ya ass, I’m trying to stay sober and out.  You’re on your own with that shit.”  She started to stand up.

“Not for thaaaaat.  I’m sober too.” Sarah swore.

“Then what?” Gabriella sat back down.

“I need to take a pregnancy test.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.”

“Well …” Gabriella mumbled “I might be able to help you with that.”


“I have block privileges and might be able to grab you one from the bodega.”

“I thought you’re trying to stay ouuuuutt.” Sarah teased.

“Shut up or I aint grabbing you shit.”

“I’m sorry.  Seriously though, it would mean the world to me.”

“I got you girl.” Gabriella promised to do her best to procure a pregnancy test for Sarah and both girls returned their attention to Family Feud.

Steve Harvey: It’s the first day of the new year. Name a reason you’re not getting out of bed.

“You’re dead!” Gabriella shouted.

“Someone’s in it!”  Sarah offered.

“See now, that shit is what got you in to this mess…” Gabriella teased.

“Yeah…” Sarah said.

“Who the Daddy?”

“This guy I was dating for a little while last year.  We broke up before Christmas but then he came back around, you know, to say goodbye officially before moving to California to pursue his dreams and well…you know how that goes.”

“That’s when they get ya.”


“So he’s out in California?”

“I think so.”

“Why? What’s he doing out there?”

“Trying to get famous.”

Gabriella laughed. “Well then I guess you will be needing a lot of your own money then.”

“Right?” Sarah laughed too “He did get a gig though.  Some show about teenagers.”

“Teenagers? He’s a young buck then. You nasty girl.”

“No – he’s twenty-two.  He just looks 15.”

“Oh ok. Go ahead girl.”

“Ha-ha.  Thanks.”

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