Month: January 2018

Dangerous Night

He doesn’t know what love is. His love hurts.  It’s embarrassing and stifling and at times I can hardly breathe.  He’s mean and he’s relentless and my whole body hurts.  There are no words, just pain.  No silence, just this ringing in my head that wont go away.  I’m not sure why I begged for this.  Why am I always begging.  It started with a walk.  Just a short one up our shared hill. Around our dry city. But now I’m under the ground, hiding from his love.  Under a watchful eye and never ever alone.  Be careful what you wish for because your dreams may come true.  His dreams, dear dreamer, are nightmares.  My dreams, dear dreamer, have come to fruition. Everything I ever asked for – I have.  He wont let me go now.  He’ll never let me go.  He’s in love with me and I am afraid.  Afraid of his attention. His unrelenting attention.  His focus.  His passion.  His love.

“Careful … careful.”  he whispers. “You don’t want the others to hear you … and be … jealous.”