Month: March 2019

Save the best for last

“I don’t know why I even talk to you.” she stated bluntly as she shut off the television by remote. The room was a little darker than before.  Devoid of any sound but their breathing.  She sighed.

He touched her elbow softly before she stood up “Because you love me?” he flirted first with his words then with his eyes. Batting them like he was a pretty princess and she were a frog.

“If I love you, that means I sure as hell don’t love myself” she walked away from where he was laying on her well worn couch. Flipping on all the lights in her apartment as she went.

“Harsh.” He sat up straighter.  “Are we being serious now?”

“When are we ever serious?” she asked over her shoulder  “When are you ever serious?” she mumbled.

“Is something wrong?” Jared asked.

“No. Nothing’s wrong.”  she crossed the threshold in to the kitchen and tossed the empty popcorn bowl in to the sink with a thud.  She braced her wrists against the cold concrete of the counter.  She was hoping to avoid ruining the night but she couldn’t really help herself.  He should leave.  Before she says something she’ll regret.

He was being too much which, frankly, is just his usual self.  Too much of everything she loved about him.  Their relationship was a weird one.  A platonic one. She was always identified in photographs as “a family friend.”  She never minded that before, because it was true. But now, it was no longer fun to be anonymous.  She was in love with Jared and he was a stupid naive oblivious boy.  Too stupid to recognize her real feelings.  Confusing her lust for loyalty.  He shared his dreams with her and his bed with everyone else.  Quite literally everyone else.

“I think you need a change of scenery.” Jared said as he slid up behind her.  He perched his chin on her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her waist.  She sighed. “We should go somewhere.” he shifted so they were hip to hip.  “Let’s go somewhere!” he danced with her from behind.  Trying to lighten the mood but perhaps only making it worse.  She melted into his body.

“Where do you want to go?” she whispered. She busied her hands with whatever was in the sink in front of her and tucked her feelings back down deep inside for another day.

He backed away from her “I was thinking somewhere… exotic? Out to sea. How about we go on a three-hour tour.  Would you like to go on a tour my Maryanne?” dramatic Jared tried to chang the mood of the room with just an idea.

Maryanne…of course…Why can’t I be Ginger for once? she thought. “Where are you going to get a boat at this hour?” she asked aloud.

“I know a guy….we’ll go in the morning!” and away he went back to his couch and off into his own word…finding the right contact to make his idea come to fruition.  All he needed was his cellphone and distance from this moment.

She took that opportunity to wipe the tears from her eyes. They’d have an adventure and she’d lament not kicking him out when she had the chance.  He’d probably spend the night. Curled up under her sheets.  His feet on her calves for warmth.  Maybe he’d even want to be the big spoon.  Sigh.