Jared Leto One Shot

J one shot

Penny Baxter was a bitch.  A real stick up her ass, know-it-all cunt who never shut her fucking trap.  Ever.  But she had lovely tits.  A real handful.  Jared regularly daydreamed about blowing a load all over those moldable mountains after fucking her face with his big juicy cock. Every time she’d flitter in the room, her heels clicking like hyena claws all around the studio, he’d fantasize about it. Knocking her off those heels so she’d collapse to her knees.  Pulling her head back by the hair and dipping his dick deep down her throat until she gagged on his manly meat.  Spilling his juices all over her ample cleave.

He’d eye up her twiggy legs and dream about wrapping them around his face.  Burying his beard deep within her freshly waxed snatch.  He would taste her then tame her.  Shut her up with his talented tongue and she’d gladly submit.  He wanted to pulverize her asshole.  Sure that she was pure.  Rip her apart.  Fuck her again and again until he owned her. Until she lost all control and maybe for once, shut the fuck up.

It made his dick swell just to hear her voice on the intercom.

“Here she comes” the rest of the staff would warn.

“Send her up.” Jared would say.

But he wouldn’t be there to greet her when she clicked her way in to his office.  He’d be in the bathroom around the back yanking himself into a frenzy just so he could get through the meeting.  She’d ask him why he’s so tired and he’d smirk and blame work. But it was her, Penny Baxter, that made him weak with lust.  Penny Fucking Baxter his PR rep.