One Shots

Penny Baxter was a bitch.  A real stick up her ass, know-it-all cunt who never shut her fucking trap.  Ever.  But she had lovely tits.  A real handful.  Jared regularly daydreamed about blowing a load all over those moldable mountains after fucking her face with his big juicy cock. Every time she’d flitter in the room, her heels clicking like hyena claws all around the studio, he’d fantasize about it. Knocking her off those heels so she’d collapse to her knees.  Pulling her head back by the hair and dipping his dick deep down her throat until she gagged on his manly meat.  Spilling his juices all over her ample cleave.

He’d eye up her twiggy legs and dream about wrapping them around his face.  Burying his beard deep within her freshly waxed snatch.  He would taste her then tame her.  Shut her up with his talented tongue and she’d gladly submit.  He wanted to pulverize her asshole.  Sure that she was pure.  Rip her apart.  Fuck her again and again until he owned her. Until she lost all control and maybe for once, shut the fuck up.

It made his dick swell just to hear her voice on the intercom.

“Here she comes” the rest of the staff would warn.

“Send her up.” Jared would say.

But he wouldn’t be there to greet her when she clicked her way in to his office.  He’d be in the bathroom around the back yanking himself into a frenzy just so he could get through the meeting.  She’d ask him why he’s so tired and he’d smirk and blame work. But it was her, Penny Baxter, that made him weak with lust.  Penny Fucking Baxter his PR rep.

– – – – – – –

She was smoking a joint outside the nightclub.  Talking to the bricks and bathing in sewer smog.  Sweat collected down her throat, behind her knees and across her lip. She was alone. The smoke, her only company. He was leaving through a back door.  Avoiding the crowd around front.  Looking to get lost. He could smell her before he saw her. The pungent stank of skunk weed wafting through the alleyway and the fruity notes of her perfume somewhere beneath.

Their eyes met and she giggled. “Caught me” She wobbled on her heels.  Black skirt fluttering in the light breeze.  Sheer red tank top revealing a black pushup bra underneath.  “Want?” she asked and she held the joint out to him.  She stumbled forward. Her lipstick smeared.  Strap of her pocketbook winding around her knees.  Threatening to trip her.  Then actually tripping her. Disoriented but determined she made it to his side.  “It’s good shit.” she laughed as she thrust her fatty in his face.

“I don’t smoke.” He said succinctly but he didn’t walk away from her. “What are you doing back here?”

“Hiding from the world.  You sure you don’t want? It’s gooood.”

“No, I don’t want.  And you should probably put that out. You’re already wasted.”

“Not wasted enough bub, I can still hear myself think.”  she stepped back and her ankle turned in on itself.  “Fuck!”

He looked her up and down.  Assessed her mess.  She was clearly inebriated.  Vulnerable.  Pale.  Fresh.  Tasty.

“Hey – I know you.”  she observed “You’re that guy … from that thing!”

“Yeah. I’m that guy.”  He looked down the alley away from the club and towards the idling cab. The other direction to the shadows and nothingness.  His need rose up in him from the great dark beyond.  “You should go home.” he suggested.  He was tempted.  Aroused.  In need.  She was there.  Like a present from the darkness.  Easy.

“You were in that movie … naked! You’re a bad boy.  Hah-hah.  I saw your bootie!” she snorted or flirted he couldn’t quite tell then said “Oh god, my stomach.” She groaned and leaned heavy on the dumpster beside her before collapsing to the ground “I think I might have had a little too much to drink.”  she struggled to stand.

“Allow me.” he said and he was at her side in a flash.  Slipping his arms beneath her and helping her back on her feet.  He could smell her flesh then.  Sweet and sour.  He licked his lips.  He was hungry.  “You here alone?”

“Aren’t I always?”

“It is very late.” He let his eyes roam up and down her body.  Her breasts heaving in the heat.  Sheer red top casting a shadow over her cleave but not a safety net.  “Bad things happen at this hour to pretty girls who are high as fuck and all alone.”  He circled around her then twisted a lock of her hair around his fingertips.  It coiled like a black snake. She looked up at him. Perplexed.  High as fuck.  Giddy.  Stupefied.  He slid his hand further in to her hair and massaged her neck before tilting her head to the side to expose her jugular.

She snapped her fingers.  Sloppily.  “You’re Jared Leto!”

“I am.”

“What’re you doing in an alleyway Jared Leto?”

“Having a bite to eat.”  And with that he swooped down on her like a vulture on fresh death.  His teeth sunk deep into her neck. Incisors invading her arteries.  His blue eyes sparkled black.  Twinkling night sky.  Onyx as he drank of her.   She did not moan, nor cry, nor whimper.  It was over in a second, for she was his dinner.

He wiped her from his mouth and dropped her to the ground before stepping over her corpse and sauntering down the alley to his waiting cab.  “Baltimore” He told the driver.  “Station North.”

She was drained.  He was replenished.

– – – – – – –

Kate and Angie walked out of the concert arm in arm.  Laughing loudly, theatrically singing and recounting every detail of the concert as they exited the ampitheater.

They were mesmerized by the light show. Entranced by Jared’s voice.  Shannon’s soul thumping drums.  Tomo’s guitar licks and hair flips.  The girls were high.  High on their favorite drug: A 30 Seconds to Mars live performance.  Drunk off of music.  Soaring on adrenaline.  New doors open.  Bodies awakened.  Jared’s sex fueled performance still pumping through their veins.

Unrestrained and fully entertained.

“That was so fucking hot”  they teased one another.
“I swear Jared totally eye fucked me during Up In The Air.”
“My panties flew off three seconds in to Birth.”
“Oh fuck that during End of All Days I nearly started humping you”
“I woulda let you get a piece during acoustic.  Oh my god!”

They giggled their way to Katie’s Cabriolet.  Arm in arm.  Head on shoulders.  Close together.  Fingers interlocked.  Passing up the black market t-shirt vendors, Philly Pretzels and Italian ices.  But grabbing two bottles of water which they guzzled quickly.  A little spilling from Katie’s lips on to the her wrist where the rubber bracelets she picked up at the show hung proudly.  Believer.  Echelon.  This is War.  Glyphs.  The vernacular of MARS.

“I’m so goddamn thirsty.”

They leaned up against Katie’s red Cabriolet and emptied their bottles of water before taking the top of the car down.  Katie leaned in, started the car and slipped the Self-Titled album in to the CD player.  Volume up on 30.

“It’s going to take us forever to get out of this parking lot” Angie observed.

“I’m not in a hurry.  Are you?” Katie asked as she lit up a cigarette.

“No.  I don’t ever want to leave.”

She exhaled “Me either.  Best night of my life!”

“Mine too.  Glad I got to see them with you. Wouldn’t have been the same with anyone else.”

“Yeah, you get it now, right?”


They sang along with the CD while Katie finished her ciggy.

“You’re all sweaty.”

“Those guys man…every inch of me is wet!”

Katie sighed “That’s so hot.”

“Yeah.  I’m so fucking horny right now.”

“Thats the life on MARS babygirl”

Katie leaned in to Angie.  Pressing their hips and their breasts together.

“Jared makes me think crazy things sometimes.”
“Makes me wanna do crazy things … all the time.”

“Is this crazy?” Katie asked as she pressed her lips softly on top of Angie’s.

“No.” she sighed.

They kissed one another.  Softly at first.  Then more passionate.  Quickly their kissing led to petting.  Hands roaming up and down one another’s bodies.  Exploring necks, breasts, ass cheeks.  Pulling at one other’s flesh with their lips.  Tasting and suckling.  A nipple between teeth then another in the mouth of the other.

“Time to take the party home ladies!” a bike cop suggested as the parking lot started to empty out.

Both girls laughed at being caught and climbed breathlessly in to Katie’s car. “Hold that thought.” Katie suggested with a peck on Angie’s lips. She backed the convertible out of the parking space and found a position in the line of traffic.

“Wonder if they’ll ever release that Into The Wild Tour vid?”

“If Bart ever lets it go.”

The girls sang and held hands.  Still amped and eager for action.  But stuck in concert traffic.

Katie looked at Angie a little closer while they sat idling in a line of cars trying to exit the parking lot.  All the cars were playing MARS loudly on their car stereos.  The energy of the show following everyone home.

Katie’s hand rested on the gear shift inches away from Angie’s thigh.  She couldn’t help but notice Angie’s super-short jean shorts were riding up her creamy thighs.  A black t-bank tank top barely covered her stomach or breasts.  The thin fabric had been cut to expose her tight abs.  Katie took a sharpie to her earlier and drew MARS glyphs and fake tattoos all over her skin just like Jared’s in Hurricane.  It still looked good after all these hours and all that sweat.  Angie was talking with her hands.  Recalling a moment during her favorite song when Jared seemed close to his own ecstasy.  Throwing his head back and interlocking his hands in the air.  Katie liked the way Angie sounded when she moved.  All of her MARS’ jewelry jingling and clicking together.  Playing a little tune of their own.

When they talked about Jared it made their wombs ache and their pussies wetter.

Katie rested her hand softly on Angie’s knee “Had a thing for Astronauts” they both sang in unison with radio recorded Jared.  Eyes on each other then Katie’s on the road then back to Angie.  Roaming down her neck, across her breasts … she slid her hand from Angie’s knee further up her thigh until she was close to Angie’s everything.  Angie spread her legs slightly and continued to sing along to Budda For Mary.

“I love this song.” Katie commented as the track changed and she kneaded Angie’s inner thigh.

“Echelon.”  Angie sighed.

Katie’s fingers disappeared under the torn fabric of Angie’s jean shorts to the swollen pussy Jared had prepared for her.  Hot and wet.  Begging for attention.  She slid her fingertips along Katie’s slit and rubbed the length of her.  Attention given to her swollen clit then her readied hole.  Angie put her leg up on the dashboard to give Katie easier access.  Katie kept her eyes on the merging cars and let her fingers find their way inside Angie.  She gently eased one finger inside her then a moment later a second.  She circled Angie’s opening then sunk them in again.  She let them dance inside her.  The music still playing.

“That feels so good.” Angie cried.  “I’m so fucking ….” her voice trailed off and her eyes rolled back.  She shut her eyelids tight and focused on the magic of Katie’s fingers.

Katie leaned over and kissed Angie hard on the mouth.  Her hand still buried inside her.  Katie wanted to taste Angie but she knew that was for another time, another place.  She rocked the tip of her finger back and forth atop of Angie’s clit.  Fucking her with her fingers. Angie gripped the edge of the window hard and grabbed ahold of the seat edge as Katie brought her to orgasm.  Her body shaking before releasing.  Heavy breathing.  A smile.  Satisfaction.  Then more singing.

Katie pulled her fingers out of Angie’s pussy and ran them across her tongue.  That made a surge of pleasure shoot through them both.  The night had just begun.  Angie kissed Katie deep tasting her juices on her best friend’s lips.

“Thanks Jared.”  they both giggled.


Play this while you read this one shot:  

Light from the full moon snuck across the window pane and danced at Alejandra’s feet.  She slipped out of her black dress, left it in the shadows and sauntered over to him in stockinged feet.  Quiet footsteps like she was weightless.  She circled him like a lioness.  Her fingertips dancing on his lapel, across his shoulders, coming to rest on his hip. Her green eyes locked with his blue.  He followed her gaze but didn’t dare move.

He is wearing a camel colored Burberry overcoat over black denim and his infamous unzipped black boots. Classic.  Rocker chic.

He likes watching her watch him.

Who is the hunter?

Who is the prey?

She takes deep breaths.  Her lips parted.  Receiving oxygen. Releasing toxins.

His mouth watering and his palms sweating.  He removes his leather gloves slowly. One finger at a time.

Alejandra studies Jared’s face.  The height of his cheekbones.  His deep-set eyes.  The slope of his nose. Her eyes linger on his generous lower lip.

Her mouth waters.  She licks her upper lip and approaches her prey.

She is by his side.  Naked in a moonlit room.

Her alabaster skin belongs to nights like this.  Pale.  Lifeless.  Gorgeous.

Jared slips two hands in to her hair, deep so he can cradle the back of her skull, then his pink lips are on her neck.  She sighs and he bites down gently.  His teeth in her skin feel like little keys unlocking the pressure in her spine.  She leans in to him, weightless, as he teases her with his mouth.  One hand in her hair, the other exploring her body.

Pleasure points.  Pressure points.

He tastes her with soft lips. Nibbling beneath her chin. Sending waves of electricity through her.

He run his thumb across her jawline then tilts her head to the side so he can suckle that ticklish spot behind her right ear, lick down to her collarbone.  Her long hair dips from her shoulders and falls down her back.  He cups her breast with his hand and teases her nipple with a fingertip.  His other hand on the small of her back, holding her close to him.  So close that each movement is small though her body’s reaction to it grand.

Alejandra raises her chin to give Jared full access, shuts her eyes softly and moans as his mouth closes around her bare breast.  He plays with her for a moment. Teasing.  Titilating. Temptress. Roles reversed.  She’s his now.  And never the other way around.

His fingertips softly mark a pathway across her belly, down her sides, up her spine and back in to her hair.  He pulled her in to him, closer still.  His pleasure apparent in needy breaths that escape in to her ear.  He needs to be inside of her.

She removes his overcoat. It falls heavy at their feet.  Untucks his button-down shirt and one by one pops the buttons.  She lazily explores his body with fingertips, finger nails painted crimson, on his stomach, tracing the cuts of each muscle, the curve of his hip bones, the heat beneath his belt.  She feels for him over his clothes.  His excitement warm and deliciously hard in her hand.  She drops to her knees, five fingers on his buckle, two on his zipper.  Her eyes looking up in to his as he brushes her hair back from her face. She takes her time pulling down his pants. He steps out of them slowly.  Her breathing louder now, as his. He’s hers to control now.

She removes his socks.  Kisses his ankle.  Fluid movements.  Part of the dance. Snakes in the desert sand. Silky and smooth.  Dark and twisted. Alejandra settles on her knees in front of him.  One hand on his thick cock.  Stroking slowly before wrapping her red lips around the tip.  She take every inch of him in to her mouth as she balances on her knees.  Tastes his excitement and fills her throat with his lust.   Stroking and sucking and devouring.  He moans and his eyes clamp shut.  His chin upward as he tries to compose himself.  She dances her tongue down the shaft.  He is on the edge.  He pulls her head back by her hair and she looks up at him again. His everything deep in her throat, eyes watering and desire racing.  She smiles, revealing white teeth, pink cock, between red lips.  His eyes glaze over as he watches her.  Her hair pulled back from her face in a pony tail in his hand so he doesn’t miss a thing.

Jared admires the curve of her spine, the dip where it ends and her backside began.  The moldable flesh of her ass. Matching pillows of smooth skin. Skinny legs.  Stockinged feet.  He felt himself hit the back of her throat.  God, she is good at this.  He threw his head back, let the pleasure take over and in a moment he was filling her throat with his seed, coating her tongue and slipping from her lips.

She was satisfied and he was satisfied but the night had only just begun.  The full moon was still high in the sky.  It was Jared’s turn now.  His turn to settle Alejandra on her back on top of the covers and taste her.  Prowl over her.  Pleasure her.  Penetrate her.

She rose from the floor and walked to a bottle of water on the windowsill. She She drank it down, a few droplets escaped and slid from the side of her mouth down her chin.

“Messy.” Jared said as he licked the water from her face.  She placed the glass back on the sill and he wrapped his arms around her.  They kissed carefully for a few moments.  Quiet but deep throated.

He led her by the hand to their bed.  She climbed backwards on top of the sheets.  He crawled across the top of her.  Their eyes locked on one another’s until he buried his face between her legs.  His tongue inside her then his fingers . Her head on the pillow.  Her mouth opened wide.  Her moans loud and deep.  Feminine and animalistic.  He was ready for her again.  He climbed atop her.  Kissed her hard.  She licked her juices from his tongue as he thrust in to her and she could barely breathe.  Every inch that had been in her mouth lost deep within her.  He thrust hard.  Hitting her cervix with hasty lust.  His moans loud.  His mouth on hers then her breast then hovering by her neck as he pounded in to her with a violence only two lovers can appreciate.  And then….she moaned a request….”harder….faster” she said.  And he tore her apart.  Banged the headboard in to the walls and rode her until he broke them both.  Simultaneous release.  At last he collapsed on top of her.  Spent.

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